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Vetting Services Offered

You have a security alarm installed to protect the valuables in your home, but what kind of protection do you have for your valuable business? Partners, investors, service providers.. All sorts of people come and go in your business. Maybe you’ve found out the hard way, but not everyone is who they say they are. Not everyone is on the up-and-up. And not everyone can be trusted. Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell ahead of time whether someone is worthy of your trust? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew before you let in the wrong people who “robbed you blind?” 

With The Clear Business Directory™ on your side…you’re protected.

Vetting Solutions

Individual Transparent Vetting$497

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With this vetting we contact the business you want to vet on your behalf and request they fill out some basic information. Each individual vetting includes a verification of information provided by the business, a background check on the primary principal, and screens the business and principal for frauds and scams. This includes a risk assessment based on the information that was provided, verified, and discovered during the vetting process. Please be aware that this vetting does not vet the actual opportunity but rather the business itself.

Clandestine Vetting$1997

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With this vetting we ask you some basic questions to discover what you know about the business. Each clandestine vetting verifies known information, screens the business for frauds and scams, and offers a risk assessment of the business. Please be aware that this vetting does not vet the actual opportunity but rather the business itself. 

In-Depth Vetting$4500

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This service is designed to identify as many hidden risks as possible This vetting includes everything in the Clandestine Vetting PLUS it also includes a full vetting of the opportunity (and may include past/current client interviews if necessary). We interview you to determine your level of risk (usually determined by the amount of money/time you are investing) and vet the business or opportunity for risk. We provide you with a full risk assessment of the business and opportunity based on your personal risk aversion levels.

Custom Solutions

Due Diligence Packets

Transparency Expedites Trust! A Due Diligence Packet is THE essential tool for any business looking to build and expedite trust with their prospective clients. Whether your raising capital, need to shed light on a bad review or just want to raise the bar on how your business shows up, a Due Diligence Packet verifies that your business operates in authenticity and integrity. In addition, a Clear Directory Due Diligence Packet adds an additional layer of credibility and third party verification along with a full assessment of your company’s reputation by using a process developed by two former counterintelligence agents.

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This custom service includes:

  • The SEC Bad Actor Vetting  (essential if you’re raising capital)
  • A Criminal and Financial assessment of the company’s principals
  • Interviews of up to 2 listed references with a written summary
  • Verification of resume, awards, and accomplishments for each principal
  • Inclusion of resumes, awards, and accomplishments in the final report 

  • Client interviews to illuminate any derogatory information (if necessary)
  • Clear Business Directory representation for 3rd party validation
  • A Complete PDF report for internal use. 

Each Due Diligence Packet also includes a Twelve (12) month listing in the Clear Business Directory and use of the Clear Directory logo on your business website