The CLEAR Business DirectoryTM Affiliate Program

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The CLEAR Business DirectoryTM Affiliate Commission Structure

  • *Earn a 20% commission on the 1-year prepaid plan sold through your affiliate link (residual for when your referral re-purchases each year, includes linked special pricing for affiliates)

*Note: You must be a member of the CLEAR Business Directory. If you are not a member of the CLEAR Business Directory you can join by clicking here. Only members of the CLEAR Business Directory will have their Affiliate Status Approved. 


  1. All sales are paid the the first of the month for the previous months sales.
  2. Affiliate program managed and tracked by
  3. Affiliates must set up an affiliate account
  4. All affiliate commissions are paid out through PayPal or direct deposit.
  5. Affiliates can create “simple” links or use Pre-created text or Image links.
  6. Custom images for links available upon request.

Join our Affiliate Program!
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Getting Started

  1. Sign up using the Sign Up Link Below.
  2. Create your account then login into your account from the menu bar
  3. Click on the “Manage Links” tab in your affiliate account.
  4. Create a text or image link and copy the code.
  5. Copy the code and paste into the website or email you will be promoting from.
  6. Promote the link and get paid anytime someone signs up!
  7. Affiliates can request a custom link and custom coupon code to use for referrals by sending an email to