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Tonya Dawn Recla has over 10 years of extensive military and government training in security and intelligence, weapons and tactical driving. Tonya holds a degree in intercultural communication and an advanced degree in education. As an agent Tonya served on an all-male surveillance team investigating espionage subjects and is one of the few agents to testify in an actual espionage case in federal court. As an instructor, she taught other agents about the intricacies of the communication process, awareness, and the power of mindset. She authored a book sharing her experiences from the trenches of a hyper-masculine world and the path of integration she used to traverse it: W.A.R. – Watch, Assess, React: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Power and Safety.

Legal Due Diligence: Know Your Rights

In a monumental case, Clear Directory member and former SEC attorney, Russel Weigel, took on the SEC for businesses everywhere and reminds us of the importance of legal due diligence. Listen in as he talks with Tonya Dawn Recla about SEC v Graham and the precedence it set for how government entities can pursue disgorgement claims against businesses indefinitely . Hello everybody, this is the In the Clear podcast, and today I am your host, Tonya Dawn Recla, and I'm really excited to have with us today Russell Weigel. He's a securities attorney out of Florida, also former SEC attorney, and the reason why I'm so excited about this is not too long ago, I got an email from Russell's attorney firm, and it was really really cool because they had won this amazing battle, if you will, on a case that I think to the [...]

Legal Due Diligence: Know Your Rights2017-08-24T18:41:02-07:00

Personal Finance For The New Economy with Daniel Ameduri

Daniel Ameduri is the editor of the Wealth Research Group and the cofounder of Future Money Trends Letter, FMT Advisory and Crush The Street. In this episode, we talk about the outdated techniques in the personal finance world. He tears down the veil of a few topics that we all have been taught to do as mature adults, like financial advisors and 401ks. He also provides some tips and resources on finding a great financial advisor to entrust your money with. Hello, everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla. This is the In The Clear podcast. I'm really excited to have with me today, Daniel Ameduri. If you go back and listen, I also interviewed one of his partners, Lior Gantz a while back. These guys are doing some really remarkable stuff in the finance industry. As you all know, we're not shy about pointing fingers at the finance [...]

Personal Finance For The New Economy with Daniel Ameduri2017-02-23T23:34:30-07:00

Creative Companies Create Transparency

Prescott Perez Fox is the founder of The Busy Creator and joins the In the Clear podcast to talk about transparency in the creative space. "The Busy Creator is a website and podcast about creative productivity. So, it's essentially a resource for folks in the creative fields. This is for designers and illustrators, and writers, photographers, and really anyone that makes things, creator. And really, I wanted to offer folks insight on how things get ahead they get made, how things happen."     Hello this is Tonya Dawn Recla with the In the Clear Podcast. And I'm excited to have with me the founder of the Busy Creator Brand, which is a lot of fun. And this is Prescott Perez Fox, and they have done a hundred episodes on this podcast, and that's no small feat. I am really excited to have him come and [...]

Creative Companies Create Transparency2017-02-20T13:57:48-07:00

Being Vulnerable in PR with Josh Elledge

Being vulnerable in public relations feels like inviting the sharks to circle. But what if vulnerability and transparency are the quickest ways to truly connect with your audience and create raving fans? Josh Elledge talks about his experience in the PR world and why he chooses to operate transparently. Hello everyone! This is Tonya Dawn Recla. This is the In the Clear Podcast. And I am really excited to have with me today Josh Elledge, out of the PR sphere. So, this is particularly entertaining for me because we hear a lot about people getting snookered out of the PR and Marketing Sphere. And it's such a necessary part for business, to get out there and to get well-known. What our bias is that you could do that in a transparent and authentic and integrity way. And so, I think we're going to hear from Josh some [...]

Being Vulnerable in PR with Josh Elledge2017-03-08T22:29:45-07:00

Realtor Mark Ferguson Talks Transparency

Realtor Mark Ferguson knows real estate and real estate investing and he knows the importance of transparency. He admits the industry is wrought with snake oil sales tactics and advises clients to educate themselves before trusting an agent. Listen in as he shares secrets from the trenches and tips for becoming a savvy consumer.   Show Notes Hello this is Tonya Dawn Recla with the In The Clear Podcast and I have with me today a real treat for you all. Mark Ferguson is realtor, real estate investor, author and he has created a whole web site and business called Invest For More. What's delightful about him is that he gets it. He understands that the real estate market is fairly saturated and there are some questionable techniques happening with it. So, I'm excited to have him on the show today to talk to you all about some [...]

Realtor Mark Ferguson Talks Transparency2017-01-24T22:00:59-07:00

Serial Entrepreneur Nathan Hirsch

Serial Entrepreneur Nathan Hirsch talks about transparency in the ecommerce arena. From starting an Amazon business from his college dorm room to co-owning Freee Up, a solution for remote hiring, Nathan knows a thing or two about entrepreneurship. Listen in as he talks about the importance of transparency in today's business world. Show Notes Hello everyone this is Tonya Dawn Recla, and this is the In the Clear Podcast. And you all are in for a treat. This gentleman is a firecracker. But it's so refreshing to hear neighbors talk as he's really cracked the code in the e-commerce industry. I know if you've been in business for more than a day, and one of the biggest headaches is how do you how do you get folks to fulfill some tasks that you need in interviewing process and in you get on fiber and that's a [...]

Serial Entrepreneur Nathan Hirsch2019-09-25T17:16:07-07:00

Investing in Transparency with Lior Gantz

The investing and finance arenas are wrought with frauds and scams. Those who operate legitimately struggle to compete with smarmy business practices and snake oil sales techniques. Listen in as Lior Gantz talks about his experience openly educating and transparently operating in an arena known for its bad reputation. Show Notes Hello everyone this is Tonya Dawn Recla your host for the In The Clear podcast today and I'm really excited to have with me Lior Grantz the president of Wealth Research Group. He deals with real estate investing and he's been called the thrill seeking entrepreneur. What I've really enjoyed over just moments that we've had to get to know each other is his really refreshing approach to the finance industry. He seems to merge those concepts of the financial world with the trust and transparency piece that we're so big on here at [...]

Investing in Transparency with Lior Gantz2016-12-19T22:41:31-07:00

Business Scammers Beware: Clear Business Directory and CEO Space Partnership Brings Transparency to Business

Business scammers everywhere can count their days numbered. A new partnership aims to put a serious dent in the unopposed, smarmy practices of businesses that take advantage of entrepreneurs and business owners. The Clear Business DirectoryTM (CLEAR) and CEO Space International, Inc. (CEO Space) join forces to send a clear message that preying on business conferences is no longer a lucrative business strategy. The vetting practices of CLEAR, founded in government counterintelligence principles, and the long history of CEO Space in growing successful businesses combine to create the perfect team to send business scammers packing. Over the years, business conferences have become fertile hunting ground for fraudulent business practices. The energized atmosphere and ambiance of camaraderie create a cesspool for those who've mastered slick sales techniques and get-rich-quick schemes. “We have a clear and long-standing culture of collaboration. Unfortunately, some people try to take advantage of that by promoting fraudulent businesses. [...]

Business Scammers Beware: Clear Business Directory and CEO Space Partnership Brings Transparency to Business2016-12-06T15:49:49-07:00

Due Diligence and Personal Power

Between our due diligence work and our awareness mentoring, we get a lot of questions about whether or not people truly can avoid disasters. The latest incidents seem to involve scared and disgruntled people seeking revenge. Of course, nationally the news about Christopher Dorner had folks asking if he gave any indication of homicidal tendencies before lashing out (CNN article). And on a smaller scale from the Phoenix area we received calls from small businesses afraid they might suffer from the next Harmon-type incident (Yahoo! News article). The answer to the simple question above is an emphatic YES…and no. The former response is because we’ve seen firsthand the benefit of preparedness and a bit of assessment. The latter is because we’ve also seen what can happen despite our genuine attempts and most attuned awareness. Regardless, if we always choose to fault on the side of “an ounce of prevention is worth [...]

Due Diligence and Personal Power2016-12-19T12:58:32-07:00
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