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Cryptocurrency Due Diligence & Vetting Solutions

Our team has decades of experience in the US Intelligence Community collecting and analyzing information to protect our nation. We offer those skills and expertise to conduct assessments, due diligence, and risk analysis of various Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin based business opportunities to arm you with the information you need to make sound decisions before you invest. We offer our clients expert advice and solutions for the most complex business opportunities involving Cryptocurrency and other Bitcoin business opportunities.

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Protect Yourself

Red Flag Cryptocurrency Vetting

Not sure if that new ICO, Alt-Coin or Bitcoin based business is a scam?

The Red Flag vetting screens for frauds, scams, and other red flag indicators that put your time and money at risk. Get peace of mind before you invest!

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Cryptocurrency In-depth Vetting

Are you planning on investing a large amount of money or time into an opportunity?  This vetting includes everything in the red flag vetting PLUS we conduct a full background check and risk assessment on the primary principals behind the opportunity.And our team of experts examines the business structure to provide you with third party insight on the legitimacy of the opportunity.

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Custom Solutions

 ICO Due Diligence Packets

Are you offering a new coin or token to investors? Want to increase your odds of success in selling your coin? Give your investors what they want, peace of mind. We offer custom due diligence packets for ICO offerings. Contact us today for more information by sending an email to