Brian Keith NoonanBrian Keith Noonan, a cryptocurrency advocate and coach, joins Justin Recla to talk about the importance of cryptocurrency due diligence and educating yourself before investing. In addition to his work in the crypto mining and coaching spaces, Brian is a staunch proponent of due diligence. He served in the US Marine Corp and before building a successful marketing business. Listen in as Brian and Justin explore the wild, wild crypto-west, and give you valuable information about how to perform your own cryptocurrency due diligence before you invest.

Welcome to the In the Clear Podcast. My name is Justin Recla and today we are talking to one of my mentors. Brian Kieth Noonan is the gentleman who’s responsible for really getting our firm involved in the cryptocurrency space. He and I connected a couple of years ago in the cryptocurrency space through some mutual contacts, mutual friends, and whatnot and he’s known as the cryptonator, and it’s because of him that our firm decided to get involved in cryptocurrency space because he identified to us how much schemes are out there and he realized that we are preparing something different. So everything you see us doing in the cryptocurrency space is because of this gentleman that I’m going to introduce you to right now. So without further ado, Brian, welcome to the show.

You are far too kind, my friend. You’re far too kind.

Well, it’s true, though. You were the one that got us started.

Yes, that is true, that is true. You owe me a big one.

It’s been a hell of a ride since.

Well, I’m on a mission to get everyone involved in cryptocurrency to diversify their portfolios with that at least. I don’t recommend that it’s the only thing that someone invests in, but if they’re not invested in anything, it’s not a bad place to start.

Absolutely, and I agree with you. When you and I first started talking about it, we both saw how cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are changing the world and changing people’s financial perspectives. They’re taking someone’s self-dominion over their own financial well being, and at the same time, it’s also attracted a lot of sharks.

Anywhere there's fast money to be made will attract the bottom feeders

Anywhere there’s fast money to be made will attract the bottom feeders.

That’s for sure. I think anywhere there’s fast money to be made will attract the bottom feeders. I think they’re more bottom feeders than sharks, even more like flounder.

Absolutely, absolutely. I think between your group and what we’re doing in the cryptocurrency world, I think we’re at over 340,000 scams that have been identified at this point. What I love about what you’re doing is the education piece, especially in the mining world. So, tell everybody what it is you’re focused on.

Well, I think a little backstory would probably help with this because …


A couple years ago, Bitcoin was something that I knew existed but really didn’t know what it was. It kept coming across my radar, and I finally decided to sit down and learn about it, just to figure out is this really something or nothing? Is this something for computer geeks only that’s never going to be anything big in the world? Or is it much more than that? And I found that it was much, much, much more than that, more than I ever imagined it could be. After I got some of the basic principles down and understood what was going on, I realized literally it’s a revolution in money and financial systems that are going to change, I think, the world in ways that we have yet to really imagine in a positive way.

I started investing myself and dabbling in a couple of different things. Taught myself about it, and I got so excited that I started the Cryptodynamics Investment Club, which is a Facebook group that anyone listening is welcome to join. And the main mission of that is to give people fact-checked, accurate information about all types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin of course and steer them clear of the scams and schemes that you alluded to. Because there’s definitely a faction of people that are interested in separating you from your wallet as quickly a matter as possible.

So, we want to avoid those, but in terms of investing in cryptocurrency, it is a volatile market. But you can’t deny that one Bitcoin is worth 10,000 of US money, so just about 10,000 times what one US dollar is worth. That’s way more than gold. That’s way more than just about any type of currency. It was up to 20,000 in December, so no denying the presence it has and the market cap that it has and the relevance that it’s coming to have in the world today.

Young Entrepreneur Secrets

Absolutely, and that’s really the power of it. It is really shaking things up, and I want to go real quick we’ll put this out there. Anybody that’s listening to this because we are talking about cryptocurrency, neither Brian or I are financial advisors, so make sure you do your own due diligence and take a look at Brian’s group. We’ll give you that link here in just a minute, but more importantly, really diversify your portfolio. The cryptocurrency space is not going anywhere. It’s going to be here for a very long time, and I like to tell people that. Learn cryptocurrency now. Learn about Bitcoin now, or learn about if 15-20 years from now.

Either way, you’re going to have to learn about it, so you might as well learn about it now and get ahead of that power curve and really leverage that for your financial well being. Brian, what are some of the stuff that you’re seeing out there that you really like to educate people on.

Mostly that, if you look back over the history of Bitcoin out of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin being the longest standing one at about nine years or so; if you had bought a small portion of Bitcoin, even though it’s close to $10,000 in US dollar valuation, you can buy any portion of it that you want. So, you could buy $5 worth of it or $10 or $100 worth, whatever you like. But if you had bought a small portion of it, the gains over that time, since it’s inception, have been staggering thousands of percents return on investment.

A big myth in the surrounding cryptocurrency is that it’s too late to get involved, and it’s already had its growth spurt, and it’s not going to go any higher. I believe the exact opposite to be true. I believe we’re still in the early adaptor phase, and it’s not a common investment. It’s not something that has taken on mass acceptance or mass appeal yet, so there’s still a very small, fringe group of people that are in this arena of investing. And as the awareness spreads, and as it continues to perform better and better, then it’s going to be way bigger than the dot com. Which, the dot com bubble, which I hate to use the word bubble because those people would ask me I bubble all the time.

The only way is up

The only way is up.

The only way is up, and long-term … If you just bought some Bitcoin and held it, forgot you had it … Don’t forget where it is, but forget you have it, you’re going to be really happy in a few years for sure.

Absolutely, and if you’re just joining this, we are talking to Brian Kieth Noonan, the cryptonator. He is one of my mentors in the cryptocurrency space, and we’re talking about how to navigate the world of Bitcoin. Brian, before we go on break, can you share where people can find more information about you?

First of all, I’m on your website as far as the Clear Directory and the cryptocurrency section of your website. I just remembered. So, they can find me there. But also, on Facebook is the easiest way. We have our group. It’s called The Official Cryptodynamics Investment Club, and if you do know me, Brian Kieth Noonan, or in the group and we’ll have a link here with the podcast. Just request to join, and we’ll get you in there, and we have step by step instructions on how to get started with cryptocurrency in the safest, securest, most intelligent way possible.

Fantastic. Stay tuned, again, we’re talking to Brian Keith Noonan, and how to navigate the world of Bitcoin, so stay tuned.

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