Accountability and Transparency with Dollars & Sense Bookkeeping

Elmer Howard with Dollars and Sense Bookkeeping Elmer Howard of Dollars & Sense Bookkeeping talks with Founder, Justin Recla, about accountability and transparency in business. As a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Elmer and his team assist people in outsourcing bookkeeping and financial management. Listen in as he shares his journey into business ownership and talks about the importance of holding yourself accountable and being transparent in all aspects of business. Hi. This is your host, Justin Recla, and today we’re talking about accountability and transparency. We’re interviewing one of the members of the Clear Business Directory, and what it means to operate the transparent business. Our guest today is Elmer Howard, the CEO of Dollars & Sense Bookkeeping.  Elmer, welcome to the show. Hello, and thank you for having me. I want to brag a little bit about you. Elmer is actually a really close [...]

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Hidden Cost on Your Federal Tax Return

Clear DirectoryTM member, Drew Miles from Tax Saving Professionals, is back on the show to talk about hidden costs on your federal tax return. So many business owners are afraid to take legal tax deductions for fear of an audit. Drew talks about how they work with business to maximize tax return opportunities. Listen to this episode to find out how to implement a solid tax strategy in your business.     Welcome to the In The Clear podcast! I'm your host Justin Recla. And today we’re talking to an expert who's going to help you, not only save some money, but save some time. We like to bring our members back on to the show and really highlight what it is they're doing and how they're doing it because members of the Clear Business Directory are doing things differently, they’re really at that point in recognizing that [...]

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