Financial Due Diligence with Dollars and Sense Bookkeeping

Elmer Howard joins Justin Recla to discuss the importance of performing financial due diligence before making decisions about your business. Not all bookkeepers and accountants are a good fit for your business needs. So how do you know? Listen in as they discuss how you can protect yourself and your business with financial due diligence. Welcome to the In The Clear podcast. I'm your host Justin Recla, and today we are talking to the founder and CEO of Dollars & Sense Bookkeeping about financial due diligence, and the 10 accounting mistakes that business owners commonly make. Elmer, welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. So Elmer, you've been in the accounting world for a while now, and in full transparency Elmer is our bookkeeper as well. His firm manages our books, and he's by far one of the best that we have found. You [...]