The Power of Cryptocurrency

The true power of Cryptocurrency lies within the recesses  of personal development and self discovery most have yet to explore.  While the masses remain asleep, “the powers that be” are starting to grow concerned because things such Bitcoin can no longer be ignored. Cryptocurrency is designed to help awaken the masses and as society continues to navigate this new territory, the battle for control over our financial freedoms is at stake. The Power of Cryptocurrency Rules and regulations were put in place under the guise of protecting the masses. The world’s old guard is losing its grip – as well as its ability to control the masses. In the days of old, when bankers ruled the land, the powers that be formed regulatory agencies to make sure they controlled the economy and the US Dollar. Rules and regulations were put in place under [...]

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ITC – Cryptocurrency Due Diligence

Brian Keith Noonan, a cryptocurrency advocate and coach, joins Justin Recla to talk about the importance of cryptocurrency due diligence and educating yourself before investing. In addition to his work in the crypto mining and coaching spaces, Brian is a staunch proponent of due diligence. He served in the US Marine Corp and before building a successful marketing business. Listen in as Brian and Justin explore the wild, wild crypto-west, and give you valuable information about how to perform your own cryptocurrency due diligence before you invest. Welcome to the In the Clear Podcast. My name is Justin Recla and today we are talking to one of my mentors. Brian Kieth Noonan is the gentleman who's responsible for really getting our firm involved in the cryptocurrency space. He and I connected a couple of years ago in the cryptocurrency space through some mutual contacts, mutual friends, [...]

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Do Your Due Diligence with Cryptocurrencies

What does it mean to do your due diligence with cryptocurrencies? It seems like every day a new crypto coin or crypto business opportunity pops up. And they run the gamut from legitimate, and extremely lucrative, investment opportunities to get-rich-quick and ponzi MLM models.  So how can investors sort out the good from the bad from the downright ugly? The secret lies in doing extensive due diligence and thoroughly understanding the opportunity in order to mitigate risk. Listen in as Clear Directory Founder Justin Recla sheds some light on the complex and fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies. Welcome to the In the Clear podcast. My name is Justin Recla, and I'm your host. Today, we are going to be talking about a ... Well, it's a very hot topic right now, and it's huge in the investment arenas, so if you've been following anything in the news, [...]

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