Tonya Dawn ReclaTransparency is a Super Power. In this episode we talk about transparency in business, partnership, marriage, parenting, and life. As Executive Director of  Super Power Experts, Tonya Dawn Recla spends her days convincing people Super Powers are real and recruiting other powerful mutants. During her career as a government Special Agent, she explored the human psyche, honed her Super Powers, and cracked the code of enlightened self-actualization. Tonya continues as a lifelong student of energy manipulation, transmutation, clair senses, intentional molecular creation, etc. She believes everyone has the power to create a multidimensional existence and master the human experience.

Welcome to the In The Clear podcast! I’m your host, Justin Recla. And today we are talking to one of the members of the Clear Business Directory on what it means to operate a transparent business. We’re doing things a little bit different today because our guest just so happens to be my wife. She’s also the CEO of the Recla Group and the Executive Director of Super Power Experts. It’s the international personal development network with Experts all around the globe and members all around the globe. So with that Tonya, my love, welcome to the show.

Thanks for having me.

So. Before we dive into transparency because the concept of transparency is like, embedded not only in our businesses, but in our daily lives or personal relationship, our parenting, our friendship. it’s lying embedded in everything we do. What does transparency mean to you?

Coming from the spy world and counter intel arena

Coming from the spy world and counterintel arena.

Well it’s really an interesting concept and it’s, you know, it’s funny because you and I talked before getting on the show, that it really does, you know, kind of infiltrate every aspect of our existence and it’s kind of comical coming from the spy arena and the counterintel stuff. You know that transparency would be such a big part of our lives. But, but I’d imagine that’s what makes us really uniquely qualified to talk about things like transparency and so within specifically Super Power Experts, the concept of transparency takes on a number of different layers. First, as a business, you know, it’s one of the core principles that we were founded on, is to just really be transparent about the process, about what we do, about how we do it, about who our best clients are, when we screw up. You know when we don’t kind of meet the mark if you will and how we’re constantly improving that but also energetically within that business the transparency piece is so key in fact we require our experts and the coaches and other members and staff to really sign on to grow transparently in the presence of others. And then you take our family life and how we partner together and how we parent together. And it really is this kind of there are no secrets, and you know with the work that we do intuitively you know guiding people to master their personal power and into their super powers, if you will. That conversation takes on many different levels. So the idea that there’s no privacy that, you know, everybody energetically kind of knows what you’re broadcasting anyway. You know it has the tendency to rub people the wrong way if they are still working through some ego stuff and so that’s one of the ways that we support people. And then once you get into the abstract frequency and start playing what we talk about synergistic collaboration and stuff that concept is so antiquated, you know, the idea of privacy when you realize that we’re all of the same essence and the same energy. So that’s what I mean by it takes on very different dialogues or conversations depending on the level.

Yeah, that’s the one thing I love the most about the Super Power Net which is the platform interface where your members interact and connect with one another is that transparency piece. And I know just from watching that we’ve seen so many people transform their lives. You know people that were on the verge of committing suicide to life is grand to they were dealing with cancer to where the cancer is gone and they were able to get through that because they showed up in full authenticity, in full transparency. They shared their fears. They connected with other people. Some of these people they didn’t even know. But the Net really, you know, allows people to operate from that space of transparency.

Well it does and I’m glad that you mentioned all that stuff. And as I reflect back on the last, you know really, 18 months, is really, you know, this little experiment started back then and you know we’ve seen so many miraculous things, and it’s not me, and it’s not even the business. It’s just the magic that occurs when people choose to come together and connect and it’s awkward and it feels funny. And you know it triggers people you know one of our experts and I were talking one day and we discussed how it’s those smaller groups that are really our best mirrors, you know. Most of us have had the interpersonal relationships that support us and where we get you know triggered in, and there’s mirroring happening such as you and I in our marriage you know. But we kind of have worked around through that when we’ve dealt with it enough, that when it comes up, it’s not that big of a deal. And then collectively there’s a sort of anonymity that plays a part but the small groups, they don’t, they don’t have either one of those so they’re not intimate enough that everybody just agrees and they’re not anonymous enough because you know they’re smaller and you don’t, there’s an accountability piece to it. And so I contend that growth within those smaller groups and it doesn’t really matter what kind of group I mean certainly you want a group that’s supportive and that’s led well and that’s managed and that somebody is paying attention to the energy and the frequencies and the growth and the evolution of it.

But that part, you know, joining up with groups and the willingness to be kind of loving and transparent in those spaces. In my opinion is the single best determining factor of how quickly someone’s going to grow through their stuff. And that’s, you know, that’s the work that we do.

That’s absolutely fantastic. And so you’re listening to the clear, In The Clear podcast with our special guest today, Executive Director Tonya Dawn Recla of We’ll be right back after a word from our sponsors.

All right, well, welcome back. So before the break we were talking about the work that you do with people inside the Super Power Net and what it takes to really do that work in operating transparency. First off, where before I forget, where can people go to learn more about The Net?

Oh absolutely, well, is a really great resource. It’s got some cool information on there. And then if you’re interested in signing up then go to that is our membership base platform. And Justin’s being extremely humble because he’s a major, major, major contributor and proponent and key piece of the entire process. And so, you know, I want to go ahead and add that in there while I may be… have the vision for it. He certainly is a backbone and a support of that. And so thank you very much and I appreciate you interviewing me but I think it would be, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that part of it.

I appreciate that. But this show is about you today so I do want to….

Let’s talk about me when we talk about us.

I do want to give our listeners a little bit more insight to you and some of your experiences. So I have watched you transform so many people’s lives over the last five years and the work that you’ve done with people. And you know, the calling that you had to build something more collaborative and that’s where The Net came from. But let’s dig down a little bit further here, from a due diligence perspective.

So I want to ask you a couple of basic questions here and we can go up to ten maybe but what’s one of the most important questions that somebody who’s interested in working with you or joining The Net…what’s one of the most important questions they should ask you?

I brought that one out a little bit because I think this is pertinent for anybody looking for assistance. And so you know you and I talked to a ton of people and advise people all the time about you know getting a life coach or getting someone to support you or mentor, whatever the case may be. And I’m really, really, really passionate about educating people on being clear about what it is that they’re looking for a lot of times you just want help. You know, you just want support and if you’re not careful though, you’ll abdicate that to someone thinking that that’s going to

what you are asking for

Be really clear on what it is you’re asking for.

solve all your problems and it just does NOT. Be really clear on what it is you’re asking for and why you’re asking somebody of that. I had someone come to me recently and you know want to hire me and it was an interesting conversation because as I dug in and said well what is it you know that you really need? You know what…why would you be hiring me? And she couldn’t tell me. And it was, it was kind of a confusing conversation but I sat in it with her to help her see that you know sometimes you just need a hug. You know sometimes you just need guidance. Sometimes you need a little piece of advice and more times than not I see people sign on for some pretty expensive learning lessons in that capacity. So make sure you know what’s going on or have somebody you trust and maybe do just a single session with somebody. And so a lot of times I’ll do single sessions with people they come in thinking that we’re doing the session because they’re going to want to do a full program with me and everything else and maybe it was just that one session that they needed. And that’s OK you know. And really be willing to ask yourself just like we advise everybody on that due diligence process.  What do you need to know about this person before you hire them? The same is true for us and so one of the reasons why we made the Super Power Net so extremely affordable, that base membership, is so people can just kind of come in and see what it’s about and get a feel for it. And you’re not kind of remortgaging your house to do it. Of course, we have intensive programs and one to one coaching, I do mentoring with people but I like to work people up to that because otherwise there can be a lot of remorse. There can be you know most people who are sitting in a place of feeling like they need help aren’t very clear on what they need. And unfortunately there are people in the coaching and mentoring industries that prey on that, because they make you feel like you’re the only thing that will help them get through it. And I, you know, I’ve been at this long enough to know that there are many, many, many ways and many, many, many resources and people that can assist you. And so you owe it to yourselves to take them in and if somebody is trying to pressure you or sale tactics or anything else, be willing to say no. And that’s one of the things that we really are phenomenal at as guiding people in how to find that resonance so that they can follow their own intuition in a situation. So I think, first and foremost, know what you’re buying. We have a lot of folks come in there like, “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I just, I just hear yes.” Well at $49 for a month, that’s an OK thing. You know, like that’s not a very expensive Yes for you to kind of get your feet wet. For 10 grand for a six-month or 12-month program that you don’t know a whole lot about, that’s a costly mistake. And more often than not, it doesn’t result in what you think it’s going to.

Oh at 10 grands you’re even lower than some of the coaching programs that we’ve come across. There were 100 grand. There were 50 grand. There were even bigger ticket items in that. And you know we’ve seen it because we…well I know for a fact that you ended up talking to those people after they go through those programs, they can go wow I could have done this a lot less expensively because…and I know that this is one the reasons why you built The Net was that your own personal development shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Your own personal growth, your financial, your finances should not stand in your way of learning and growing in where you need to be and that’s what I love about what the NET does is it offers affordable solutions for people that may not necessarily have the $10,000 to do a custom program. But they need that support. They need their community. They need to know that they got someplace to grow towards.

Yeah I think whether it’s your personal life or your business, the amount of money and time and basically resources that you’re expending on assistance should match up with where you’re sitting. What I mean by that is that, you know, if your business is making you know a thousand dollars a month, you don’t need a $40,000 branding expert. It just isn’t a good fit, you know. And the ones that we know, who we trust and rely on, will say the same thing. In your personal life, if you’re struggling with money, don’t mortgage your house or borrow money to pay somebody who’s charging $10,000. There is a real incongruity there. And so I’ve never agreed even when I was doing the intuitive coaching piece I never ever, ever bought into the concept that you should push people about 10 to 25 percent past their comfort zone, moneywise. First of all I found that makes my job so much more difficult if people are triggered with money. Secondly, there’s an instant kind of distrust from the beginning and a complete abdication which really isn’t in alignment with helping people build their own resonance and, you know, we walk people through creating their personal power, building their individual resonance, and move them into autonomy. That requires somebody knowing who they are. Well you can’t really know who you are if you’re so afraid of what the choice you just made. And if it’s going to result in what you needed to. It’s just I don’t know where that practice got started but I think it’s kind of cruddy. And so, you know, maybe this is a little bit disruptive in the sense that I don’t think it needs to be done that way. In fact my commitment was that we would create something that at $49 a month, that was all you needed. Now of course some people want hand-holding, some people want additional curriculum, some people want to be the trainer, some people want to, you know, work with me individually or want to work with the experts or whatever and that’s fine. However. If driven enough and self-disciplined enough, that $49 price point will get people what they need. And that was…that was what we set out to do. And so and I feel really, really strongly about that. I have no problem with people charging large amounts of money for their time and their efforts. I charge large amounts of money for my time and effort. However, I only do that when it’s appropriate and when it’s someone I’m going to be working with and when it’s a good fit. And not everyone is ready for that or even…not even everybody wants that you know. A lot of people come into The Net and they thought they were coming in for one thing but after a little bit of growth and development they find out, oh wait, they’re going in a completely different direction. Imagine if that person had bought into a six-month, 12-month, you know, insanely priced program and two months into it, they took a hard right. It’s like, what are you going to do?

And now it’s like, what are you going to do stay on that path or do you just eat the fact that you just paid somebody 10 15 $20,000 to do something that you no longer want to do, when it’s not in alignment with where you need to be going?

And I think any more there are just too many opportunities to get to know people and really feel into them whether it’s at a conference, whether it’s through getting in their sales funnel, whatever the case may be, be very slow and deliberate with your decisions. Now if you get an intuitive Yes and that’s immediate, fine. But if it fits you know if it makes you uncomfortable, moneywise or if you know I don’t know, I guess I can’t say that because personal growth is always a little bit uncomfortable in its moments but at least have someone around you that you can kind of bounce those ideas off of, preferably, somebody who’s vibrationally ahead of you, because what we find is a lot of times people who you know if you…if you seek out advice from somebody who’s not vibrationally had a view or someplace where you’re trying to go not financially folks. I mean if you’re seeking a finance adviser somebody who’s specifically dealing with your business strategy, you know, then look at their accomplishments in the physical world but if you’re looking at someone who can push you into higher levels and frequencies you need to find those people who are sitting there and sometimes they don’t always appear as you think they do or you think they will.

But anyway so there’s a lot of elements that go into it but at the end of the day, know what you’re buying, know why you’re buying it, and make sure that’s a good fit for you.

So true. And that’s not just with personal development but that’s also with any business that you’re thinking about, or any service providers you’re involved with across the board. As you can see folks, this concept of transparency and due diligence crosses, you know, every aspect of our existence from the businesses to personal development, everything, you name it it’s there. It’s what we teach, It’s what we practice, it’s what we educate business owners on, entrepreneurs and so forth. So I absolutely love having you on the show. I love these conversations. And before we go I just want to give our…just one more question. In your own journey as a business owner from a due diligence perspective, well, we’ll make them a two-part question. One, if there is one thing you can go back and do over again what would it be? And what’s one thing you would like our listeners to know about you?

Hmm…so then the first question, yeah….I mean you kind of know my flaws, there’s not a lot I would shift and change, however, what I would do is I would enjoy the ride better…enjoy the ride more. The…you know looking back on it, you and I started so many different businesses and ventures and everything together. Now that the businesses are much more mature, I’m realizing that there’s a real joy in the startup phase. It’s kind of like courtship, you know. Enjoy it. Like once a business has passed that startup phase it never gets that back again. And so there were aspects of that part of the process and then kind of the…it’s just…it’s just different. And if I could…if I could go back and talk to myself, I would just say you know, “Have fun with it because it’s not that serious and it’s going to be fine and it always works itself out.” you know but it’s hard to see, I think, when you are in the midst of building it. That’s something that I would change and then what is it that I want people to know about me?

Neva Lee Recla and JP Sears on Super Power Kids

Neva Lee Recla and JP Sears on Super Power Kids

I live it. You know I think that that’s what’s so important about you, and you talking about our existence and Neva, you know, when she shares her stories now that she does, you know, our 7-year-old who does co-hosts Super Power podcast with me now. I kind of cringe every time she gets on the mic because it’s just like, “Oh gosh what is she going to say?” But, you know, you just got to go with it. And I think it’s incredibly important that people know that, that we live this. It’s not just branding. It’s not just superficial. There’s a real depth to it as you know we’ve talked about this entire episode. That’s the most important piece to me is at the end of the day it’s not an authenticity because I think we get stuck around that word. It’s an embodiment. You know the things that we talk about, the things we strive for, the things that we teach other people, we embody and we constantly challenge ourselves to embody that higher and higher and higher degrees. And anywhere we find a little piece of us that might be hiding out and trying to avoid the light a little bit on that, you know we dragged it out kicking and screaming and say, “Hey, we got to look at this.” and that to me is part of the process. And that’s why we’re able to do what we do. But I can, I can think of no better compliment, accolade or anything than people walking away from a meeting with me or from listening to this, just knowing that we live it, that it’s not, it’s not for show and that means I’m doing what I came here to do.

Absolutely love. Again, you can find Tonya’s profile inside Clear Business Directory or at, or if you’re looking for that community for yourself, you can find her at Tonya, my love, thank you so much for being on the show today.

Thank you. It’s fun.

Awesome and until next time, whether you’re looking for a coach, a partner, an investor, no matter who you’re bringing in to your business or your life, make sure that business entity is In The Clear. Buh-bye, folks.