Transparency International with Angel Ribo

Angel Ribo joins Justin Recla to talk about transparency international and the importance of knowing who you're doing business with. Angel Ribo, known as The CEO Confidant, is an International Speaker and the Preeminent Advisor to CEOs. In the last 19 years, Angel has helped more than 1,500 CEOs in 33 different countries. He was born near Barcelona, and he has lived in 8 countries and speaks 5 languages fluently. Welcome to the In The Clear podcast, I am your host Justin Recla and today we are speaking with the CEO and Founder of Divine Human Ventures, Angel Ribo. Angel has been in business for 30 some odd years, he's known as the CEO confidant and he is helping businesses bridge the gap between your local market and the global economy, so if you're a business owner that's trying to expand into the global arena you [...]

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a hot topic right now. From carbon footprints to global warming to basic humanitarian concerns, the uprise of social media requires corporations to take their reputations seriously. In this episode, Founder Justin Recla talks about the importance of understanding the risk to your company if you aren't considering corporate social responsibility.     Welcome to the In the Clear podcast, I'm your host Justin Recla, and today I'm talking about a concept that I think more and more people are ready for, and that's the concept of corporate social responsibility, and what does that look like. So one of the things I really want to explore here is the concept that businesses in the past, you know, the idea of corporate social responsibility, was the fact, "Okay, did they give back? Did they have some sort of charity or organization that the [...]

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Peer Review Sites Put Your Business At Risk

Peer review sites put your business at risk. Do you know how? Listen in as we discuss the pros and cons of peer review sites. Show Notes Welcome to the In The Clear podcast I'm your host Justin Recla, along with my crazy talented wife Tonya Dawn Recla. So this week we're talking about peer reviews put your business at risk. What does that mean to you don't you, Tonya? Well, this is a very touchy subject and I get that. The challenge is that we can glean a lot of information off a peer review. But the problem for small business or even mid and large sized businesses is that who monitors that? And who has a say in any of that? And so everything from you know corporate espionage and conspiracy stuff. You know your competitors coming in and Bam Basting your [...]

Peer Review Sites Put Your Business At Risk2021-08-06T10:55:35-07:00
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