Transparency expedites

The first fully vetted business directory.

No letter grade rankings.

No star grades.

No complaints.

No peer reviews.

Just 100% authentic transparency.

Transparency expedites

The first fully vetted
business directory.

No letter grade rankings.

No star grades.

No complaints.

No peer reviews.

Just 100% authentic

Transparency expedites trust.

The first fully vetted business directory.

No letter grade rankings.

No star grades.

No complaints.

No peer reviews.

Just 100% authentic transparency.

The Clear Business Directory™

It’s New

The Clear Business Directory™ doesn’t give you an “A+” rating and is not a peer review site. Instead, your business gets to operate in full transparency with your potential clients. And because we vet our members annually for frauds and scams, your clients will continue to have peace of mind year after year.

It’s Affordable

The Clear Business Directory™ is an extremely affordable solution for expediting trust with your potential clients. Unlike other business directories or business bureaus that charge thousands of dollars each year,  the Clear offers an affordable solution that allows you to connect with your potential clients in authenticity.

It’s Easy

Once you sign up, filling out the forms is simple. Just provide the pertinent information in an easy self-disclosure process. The forms take about seven minutes to complete. From there our team starts the vetting. And, you have the opportunity to review the vetting report BEFORE you opt-in and before your online profile is created.

Our Members Are Changing How Business Gets Done. Here’s What They Say:

My first foray into entrepreneurship came with a lot of disappointment. Disappointment because in the social media marketing world, I quickly found that not everyone is what they perceive to be. I found I had to dig a lot deeper before trusting that people really were who they said they were, or had done what they said they had done. That’s why I love the Clear Business Directory. Such a simple concept, with such profound impact. Being vetted by them has added a seal of legitimacy to my business. And doing business with others who have been vetted by them has a deeper layer of trust in the business relationship. Highly recommend it!

Silvica Rosca
CEO / Business Brains, Inc.

It was reassuring to have the Clear Business Directory™ check into available records and to match it up against what I expected to be there. As an attorney, I think it is important to vet business prospects and my listing shows my belief by example.

Jason Webb
IP Attorney / JP Webb

I love being a Clear Business Directory member. I think everyone in business should be vetted and be willing to operate in transparency. The last thing I want to worry about is what someone is trying to hide. 

Betst Westhafer
CEO / AtionMasters Network, Inc

In my mind, letting your peers and prospects know you have nothing to hide and are in the clear is a total no-brainer.  I did it for the sake of my peers and prospects even though there was benefit for me as well.

G. Leavitt
CEO / Savavo

One of the best business decisions I made is to become a member of the Clear Business Directory™. I have to admit, it was a bit unnerving during the process; you never know what might be lurking in the past. However, I can now say I have been vetted by one of the finest organizations (these people are former counterintelligence specialists) in the due diligence, vetting industry.  I proudly display my “In the Clear” designation on my speaker page, resume, media kit, and just about everywhere my name or business name comes up.  My clients appreciate the fact that they can count on transparency, honesty, and integrity. After all, I’m “in the clear.”

David Dunworth
CEO / Marketing Partners, LLC

I don’t know why someone hasn’t created this before now. I can think of many businesses I know that should be vetted. It’s nice to have a way to stand out from the crowd and let clients know we’re a legitimate company.

Brenda Crimi
Co-Founder / AMZ Alliance

I love being in the ‘CLEAR’. Now, if someone asks me, ‘How do I know you are who you say you are?’ I pull up the directory on my phone and hand it to them.

Keith Leon
Multiple Bestselling Author & Co-Owner / YouSpeakIt Publishing

With so many scams out there, I love that the Clear Business Directory™ lets my potential clients know that we are legitimate and can be trusted. I highly recommend every business owner use it to give clients peace of mind.

Eve Hogan
Founder & President / Heart Path Journey

In today’s conflicted and problematic world it’s important to know that people we hire are free of problems that could compromise an engagement. Being a part of the Clear Business Directory™ allows my new clients to have peace of mind when hiring me and peace for me when I hire others as well. It’s a “must have” item for anyone who hires people in business or in charity!

Hugh Ballou
Founder & President / SynerVision Leadership Foundation

The Clear Business Directory™ is a great vehicle increasing comfort levels of people who do business with you. It’s critical to be trustworthy yourself and to do business with others that are trustworthy. Good due diligence practice makes it easier for people to vet you; and to ask the most important questions before doing business with others.

Russel Dennis

The Clear Business Directory™ is an important tool for business owners.  So many problems will be avoided when more businesses engage openly in the vetting process.

Maria Crimi Speth
Partner / Jaburg & Wilk Law Firm

If you want to enhance your online reputation through authentic integrity, I enthusiastically recommend that get your business listed in the Clear Business Directory.

David Gruder
CEO / Integrity Culture Systems

I share my Clear Directory report with all my potential clients up front.

Daniel Ruke
CEO / Blink Media

After having been burned before, you better believe that before hiring anyone else I head straight to The Clear Business Directory for all my due diligence and vetting solutions . They know what they are doing and they know how to do it efficiently and effectively. Thank you for your knowledge and expertise!

Julie Muller
CEO / Chicks Connect

The Clear goes deeper than regular due diligence.

David Phillipson
Consultant / CEO Space

The Clear Vetting Services have saved me thousands of dollars. Simple as that. Now with The Clear Business  Directory, it will be ten times easier and less expensive. 

Darlene Grimes
Business Consultant

Due diligence is the one of the most important pieces to business dealings; however, it’s the most neglected piece.
The Clear is one of the only companies focused on doing due diligence and doing it well.

Elmer Howard
CEO / Dollars & Sense Bookkeeping

One of the factors of business ownership that often gets overlooked is due diligence. It gives your clients piece of mind that the company they hire will most likely be honest and of high quality in their business dealings. My experience with The Clear was seamless, easy, and quick. Thank you for offering excellent customer service.

Rachel Lutowsky
CEO / Dynamic Leadership Solutions

At a time when opportunity is knocking loudly, I needed a way to figure out if these potential new business partners are legitimate. Thanks for making it easy. Thank you!

Tim Levy
Author & TV Personality 

The Clear is an impartial third party validation that goes much further than customer reviews and testimonials will ever take you.

Sam Natello
CEO / DotCom Global Media

This vetting process has been very valuable.

Lee Miller
The Security Broker

How Does It Work?

In a world of self-proclaimed experts, it can be difficult to know who to trust. The Clear Business Directory™ is the first and ONLY resource to highlight businesses who operate in transparency.

Every member is screened annually for frauds, scams, and competency. Our members are vetted using the same standard used by professionals in government counterintelligence.

As a member of The Clear Business Directory™ your business is fully vetted for frauds and scams so your clients know you operate with the highest standards of integrity possible.