Interview Tips That Will Improve Your Recruitment Drive

Interview Tips That Will Improve Your Recruitment Drive Recruitment is perhaps one of the trickiest aspects of managing a business. If you’re a startup or have scaled up from being self-employed, then your skills lay within the core elements of your business. You know how to do the service or product you sell, but when it comes to recruiting, a critical time for any business, you’re perhaps not as comfortable as you’d like to be. Bringing in the right people will help you grow and expand; it will allow you to fill skill gaps and add additional elements to your organization. However, if you get it wrong, it could spell disaster. Adding the wrong people is a recipe for disaster, and you could be lumbered with a cost and a destructive influence, which derails all your positive hard work. Whilst there is no sure-fire way to get recruitment right, [...]

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How to Retain the Best Freelance Tech Talent

It can be difficult to retain high-level freelance technical talent because they’re constantly being headhunted by the highest bidders. But it’s not impossible. In a nutshell, you just need to treat them right while considering the needs of their particular expertise. Pay Them on Time Many businesses seem to think that it’s okay to pay freelance tech specialists at a later time than promised as long as the payment is made. xEntrepreneur notes how some even delay freelancers’ salaries for months. This is the easiest way to lose the best and brightest freelancers on your payroll. Instead, establish systems that can ensure their due payments. Online invoicing and payment systems may help in this regard. You may also consider making advanced payments via post-dated checks – just make sure they don’t bounce. Make Essential Work Processes Easy Freelance tech specialists are already burdened with difficult duties. [...]

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Creative Companies Create Transparency

Prescott Perez Fox is the founder of The Busy Creator and joins the In the Clear podcast to talk about transparency in the creative space. "The Busy Creator is a website and podcast about creative productivity. So, it's essentially a resource for folks in the creative fields. This is for designers and illustrators, and writers, photographers, and really anyone that makes things, creator. And really, I wanted to offer folks insight on how things get ahead they get made, how things happen."     Hello this is Tonya Dawn Recla with the In the Clear Podcast. And I'm excited to have with me the founder of the Busy Creator Brand, which is a lot of fun. And this is Prescott Perez Fox, and they have done a hundred episodes on this podcast, and that's no small feat. I am really excited to have him come and [...]

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Transparency in Dynamic Leadership – Rachel Lutowsky

Look Who’s in The CLEAR! Listen as we talk with Rachel Lutowsky of Dynamic Leadership solutions. Who do you hire to help train your employees and bring your organization to maximum efficiency? Listen in as Rachel Lutowsky gives us the questions you should be asking the companies you hire to train your employees!

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One of the Top 100 Lawyers in Arizona – Maria Speth

Look Who’s in The CLEAR! Listen as we discuss Intellectual Property with Attorney, Maria Speth In 2016, Maria Speth made the list of Top 100 lawyers in Arizona. Maria gives us a look behind the scenes of Internet law and points out the questions you should be asking before making the wrong decisions with your intellectual property.

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Should you concern yourself with the most recent scams

As a business owner should you concern yourself with the most recent scams? As business owners, our time is limited, and the time that we do have is dedicated to growing our businesses. The first thing you need to stop and ask yourself is, “Where do you want to spend your time and energy?” Now, in the defense of business owners who have approached us with this,, when they find out what we do and everything we know then they hear about The CLEAR Business Directory they feel like they are being irresponsible if they are not on top of those scams. It’s kind of like people who watch the news all the time because they want to be informed. I get it. I do applaud the desire to be informed. A lot of it is where you want to spend your time and energy. Where people get confused is [...]

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How to Report a Scam

How do you report a scam? Before I begin, let me put on my “other hat” on here for a second. I deal with personal power and empowering people and existence in their businesses. I love this topic because I see so often people immediately want to jump to calling something a fraud or a scam. A lot of times, it’s simply a mater of it didn’t work out like they wanted. What we’re discovering is that it is often avoidable. Especially if you do your due diligence. And on top of that, we see so much miscommunication. Folks, we’ll be honest. We have been business owners for a while now. We get it. There is a lot going on. There are parts of your business that you’re not sure how to do, so you look for another business to outsource it or bring on as a consultant to guide [...]

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