When You’re in The CLEARTM …They Know Who to Trust.

More and more people are leery of who they hire and are fearful of getting ripped off by a fraud or scam. When you become a member of The CLEAR you give your clients the confidence they need to engage your business. As a member, your business is fully vetted for business aptitude, reputation, frauds and scams. Our members are vetted annually, so your clients will know your business remains in integrity year after year.

CLEAR Membership Plans

 MEMBER PRICING Annual Membership
Initial Vetting Fee Included
Transparency Report Included
Use of Logo Included
Podcast Interview Included
Social Media Marketing Included
Get Started Today! $475 /year DotCom Referral Only

**Price is per Principal to be vetted. Please contact us for pricing if you have more than one principal you would like to have as part of your vetting. By clicking the button to purchase services you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Are You in The CLEAR?

Getting Started

Upon signing up, members receive the required forms for the initial vetting. Once the forms are completed and returned, our experts start the vetting process. Members then receive a PDF version of the transparency report and their profile is placed in the directory. Every member goes through an annual vetting review process for the life of their membership.

Vetting Process

Once a potential member submits their self disclosure questionnaire and authorization they are vetted on a variety of areas to include: business aptitude, reputation, fraud and scam screening, review of key personnel, legal and financial issues (as applicable). Each member receives a PDF version of their transparency report for review before being listed in the directory.

Membership Listing

Once members are approved, their logo, description of services, website link, social media and transparency page are all placed on the site as part of their profile.

Have Questions? 

Global Market

With today’s technology, business is no longer isolated to regional areas. The CLEAR Business DirectoryTM allows potential clients to find you regardless of where you are located.

Full Transparency

Once you receive your vetting report, you are given the opportunity to respond to any issues that may arise during the application/vetting process before being placed into the member directory. Only those who choose to be transparent are placed on the member  site.

The Clear Business DirectoryTM Stamp

All members who are listed in the directory can place The CLEAR Business DirectoryTM Stamp on their website to show potential clients they are re-vetted every year and remain in integrity.