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The CLEAR Business DirectoryTM is proud to be affiliated with the International Due Diligence Association (IDDA). We are proud to contribute to the international business community in establishing and leading the way for the Due Diligence Standards. 


Why Should I become Due Diligence Certified?

  • Increase brand and reputation
  • Increase respect and esteem with management, colleagues, and peers
  • Increase salary and consultancy rates
  • Be at the leading edge of the due diligence discipline
  • Be recognized for advanced professional capabilities & expertise

Due Diligence Certification also provides safeguards for employers and clients from untrained individuals and organizations. The Course is flexible to accommodate busy professionals, and can be completed anytime within 12-24 months of Enrollment.

The CDDP Course also includes the Modern Due Diligence Handbook plus your annual membership to the International Due Diligence Association.

The Certified Due Diligence Practitioner Program (CDDP)

As a special bonus, you will also receive membership into the International Due Diligence Association
(a $60 value). During the course you will learn:

    • The history of due diligence
    • Evolution of 20th and 21st century due diligence
    • Techniques, components and processes of professional due diligence systems
    • Practical tools and applications of due diligence
    • Due diligence report writing
    • Due diligence project management
    • Sources of due diligence information
    • Types of due diligence
    • Legal aspects of performing due diligence
    • Effective due diligence discovery techniques
    • Effective due diligence interviewing techniques
    • How to communicate due diligence to your board of directors, investors and C-Level Executives.

Members of The CLEAR Business Directory

Regular Price for Membership to the IDDA and CDDP course is $560. Clear Business Directory Members get both for $400 (Save $160)

Not a Member of The Clear? 

Not a Member of The Clear Business Directory? 
Get the CDDP Course, IDDA Membership and your first year in The CLEAR Business Directory for only $650 (save $457)