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Are you tired of business owners ripping people off? Are you looking to connect with real, authentic businesses that operate in transparency? The In The Clear Podcast is where we connect with business owners who do things differently and raise the bar on how business gets done. Listen in as we discuss the power of transparency and explore new and better ways of doing business.

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Entrepreneurship and Fatherhood

Tony Sanders, an author, coach, CEO and minister, joins Justin Recla to bring his insights about entrepreneurship and fatherhood. He leads the charge in providing services, programs, resources, training and coaching in personal and professional development. Through his consulting business, Tony equips, empowers and encourages people to be the best version of themselves. He’s on a mission to help enlighten and empower fathers across the globe. Listen as he shares his thoughts and deep understanding in entrepreneurship and fatherhood. Welcome to the In the Clear podcast. I am your host, Justin Recla, and today, we're going [...]

Investor Due Diligence and the Truth Behind Disruptive Technology – Replay

Scott Lopez of the Disruptive Investor Radio joins Justin Recla to discuss the misconceptions about disruptive technology. Scott is the Managing Director of Primary Capital and talks transparently about investing, capital raising, and technology trends. Welcome to the In The CLEAR podcast. I am your host, Justin Recla, and today we have a guest on the show that is doing some great things in the world. We met recently in San Diego at an event on podcasting and radio shows. I'm super excited to introduce you to our guest today, because we're going to talking about [...]

Transparency is a Super Power with Tonya Dawn Recla – Replay

Transparency is a Super Power. In this episode we talk about transparency in business, partnership, marriage, parenting, and life. As Executive Director of  Super Power Experts, Tonya Dawn Recla spends her days convincing people Super Powers are real and recruiting other powerful mutants. During her career as a government Special Agent, she explored the human psyche, honed her Super Powers, and cracked the code of enlightened self-actualization. Tonya continues as a lifelong student of energy manipulation, transmutation, clair senses, intentional molecular creation, etc. She believes everyone has the power to create a multidimensional existence and master the human experience. [...]

Transparent Work Culture with Jason Treu

Jason Treu is an executive coach who works with corporate executives and seven figure entrepreneurs to help them maximize their leadership potential and execute their career blueprint. He's the best-selling author of Social Wealth, a how-to-guide on building extraordinary business relationships. He was a featured speaker at TEDxWilmington 2017, where he debuted his breakthrough team-building game, Cards Against Mundanity. In this episode of In The Clear, Jason discusses how his business practices and coaching help others create a transparent work culture. He explains how it may not be easy, but it is essential in creating game-changing work dynamics. [...] a Great Conference

Brandon Barnum is the President and Chief Referral Officer at Over the past 23 years, Brandon has dedicated himself to helping business owners and professionals achieve breakthroughs by applying his referral partner blueprint. In this episode of In The Clear podcast, Brandon chats with Justin Recla about the great conference that has. We explore how his network helps cross-promotion and delivers customized curated content that puts your interests first – adding value to your network relationships. Welcome to In the Clear Podcast. I'm your host, Justin Recla. Today, we are talking to Brandon Barnum [...]

Business Coach Danny Creed

Business Coach Danny Creed is a recognized expert in sales, management, start-up business strategic planning and marketing. Coach Dan has over 12,000 recommendations and has logged to over 14,000 business coaching, consulting and training hours and growing. He has been involved with 14 successful start-up businesses and over 400 business turnarounds. In this episode of In The Clear, he and Justin Recla discuss due diligence and its huge involvement in the business coaching world. You’ll learn what you should be communicating to your business prospects and what your clients are expecting to gain from you. Welcome [...]

Transparency in the Credit Card Processing Industry

Isaac Belden joins Justin Recla to discuss the importance of incorporating transparency in the credit card processing industry. As an "accidental salesman," Isaac Belden claims that he chose to stay in the credit card processing and business funding space because he knew that someone needed to disrupt it. Listen in as he shares how transparency alters credit card processing. Welcome to the In The Clear podcast. I'm your host, Justin Recla, and today, I'm excited, because we're talking to a veteran who owns his own business, who's doing some great things in the world, especially with some [...]

Accountability for Business Growth

Paul Lemberg joins Justin Recla to discuss how the importance of accountability for business growth and how to raise the standard within your business. Paul helps small business owners become wealthy. Since 1995, he has worked directly with the owners of around 150 “small businesses” from North and South America, Europe and Asia, ranging from solopreneurs and lifestyle businesses, to pre-revenue investor-backed startups, to mature businesses with tens of millions in sales. He has coached and advised them to achieve greater success, double and triple their profits, and sometimes grow their companies more than 10-fold. Welcome to the [...]

Conscious Business and Transparency

Sarah Anne Dordel, leader of the Conscious Business Network, joins Justin Recla to discuss the importance of conscious business and how to leverage transparency. Sarah Anne specializes in helping others awaken their businesses. Her clients are emerging leaders, and she teaches them how to launch, lead, and build their own large-scale network in order to position themselves as powerful influencers through trust, visibility, and savvy event-marketing. Listen in as she shares advice for developing a conscious business. Welcome to the In The CLEAR podcast, I'm your host, Justin Recla, and today, we are going to take our conversation a little bit [...]

How to Build a Transparent Culture in Business

The nature of business continues to change rapidly. One of the most exciting components of that change is potential customers, team members, and investors increasingly demand that companies rip off the veil of old cloak and dagger techniques. The quickest solution to this growing trend is to establish trust through bold moves in transparency. Ken Bator of joins Justin Recla to discuss how to build a transparent culture in business and the necessity of incorporating this strategy for business success. Listen in to hear ways to leverage transparency in your business today. Welcome to the [...]

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