ITC 63 | Infusing LoveSilvica Rosca founded Business Brains, Inc. in 2016. As its CEO, Silvica facilitates online group coaching programs rich in content, and mentors individuals with a higher level of commitment to their personal, career and business success.

In this episode, she talks about infusing love and human emotion  into your leadership and how that helps you and your business be more successful.  She also talks about how she helps people be more fearless leaders as well as more caring leaders by being more aware of your own emotions and background.

Today we’re talking to one of my favorite members of the Clear Business Directory, Silvica Rosca of Business Brains Inc. Silvica brings such unique insight to the business world from a place of awareness and consciousness that a lot of businesses are shifting into and transitioning into. She joins us here on our show today. Silvica, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much. It’s so good to be on.

I appreciate you being here with us today. I’m super excited because you’re a brand of entrepreneur and business owner that we’re seeing a lot of more of; the conscious business owner, the more of aware business owner. The value that you bring your organizations with what you do is so needed nowadays as a lot of these businesses are transitioning into a higher level of awareness, social entrepreneurs, and so forth. Can you explain a little bit more exactly about what it is you do?

Yes, for sure. I help people become more caring, more confident and just more fearless leaders. Basically, by being aware of themselves, of all the inner workings of your subconscious mind, but aware of your emotions and be mindfully present and aware of the emotional baggage that we bring to the table when we serve as leaders and when we interact with our teams or with our clients. Helping them process through their stuff and then be able to communicate better and empathize better with our teams, to be able to get them working towards the goals that they want to get to.

I think we’re seeing a lot of businesses look outside their organizations for additional insight. Oftentimes, the managers, the CEOs, the advisers are often too close to their teams to really see the inner workings and the interconnectedness. Bringing somebody like you into the organization is really important in creating those team dynamics and just bringing people closer together.

ITC 63 | Infusing Love

Infusing Love: Helping each person to be more aware of their stories, their emotional backgrounds to get them to start working together.

The first time I realized that this was one of my natural giftings is when I was twenty. I got hired as an intern for a big Fortune 100 company in the defense industry. I was the only female in the group and also the only person under the age of 50. The people in the group had been working with each other for 25 years already. They’d known each other, they have their patterns and some of them couldn’t stand in the same room together because the team was just completely dysfunctional. Within a year, I was able to get them to start working together. This caught the attention of the executives because this has been something they have been trying to do for a long time. It just was that fresh perspective and helping each person to be more aware of what their stories were, what their emotional backgrounds were and to get them to start working together.

That is such a big deal. The businesses that don’t see that, that don’t move into implementing those kinds of things into their business structure are going to have a hard time and struggle in moving forward. It’s so needed nowadays, especially with the millennials coming in. They think differently. They communicate differently. They’re more connected because they’ve grown up in a world that is close. When I was growing up, it was snail mail and the internet didn’t exist. You didn’t need that connection. We had to struggle to get there.

The young workforce nowadays is so interconnected. Those businesses that have your teams that are implementing the younger workforce are going to have to adapt, they’re going to have to evolve with the team communications, especially as the older work generation starts to wean out and the younger generations start to come in. There is going to be that gap period where that team communication, that team dynamic, it’s so important why somebody like you could really help bring businesses to the next level.

I completely agree.

Silvica, given your history, your background, what is one of the most important questions that somebody should be asking you for their own due diligence, before they decide to hire your business?

That is a very good question. The biggest question they should ask themselves is, do they want to take the traditional route? Are they more comfortable with the traditional route? Or are they open to learning leadership from a fresh voice? When I’m doing the trainings, I’m doing the coachings, it only helps as far as people are willing to be open and to apply. You can’t change someone. You have to be willing to change. What I found is that some people want the more traditional route. They want to do things the way they’ve always done them or the way that their mentors have done them. . Be really honest about that. Are they really looking for something different? Are they really open to dare to find more creative ways of approaching leadership? If they are not, they probably won’t get that value out of my program. Really think about that.

That’s important. I love the way you frame that. Is this something that you really want? Is this something that you are really looking for? That close mindset will definitely just set up the relationship for failure. That’s a great question. Speaking of questions, have you ever experienced a miscommunication with a client? If so, how did that go?

Yes. I remember I had a client sign up and I explained to them the process. I do group coaching programs. Every week I release audios, etc., worksheets and then we have group coaching call. I had thought I explained to my client clearly how to access everything and in my head it made sense. Week after week, I kept getting messages from my clients, “Why am I getting this email? Why am I doing it? Why this?” Finally, after emails going back and forth, I just called them and said, “What’s going on?” It turns out my client had thought that the program was only the coaching calls and hadn’t even realized the entire other half of the program. Which for me, it was amazing because she was bragging to her friends about it. She’s telling them that the program is so worth it and she’d only accessed a part of it. For me, I thought I was doing a clear job communicating. This miscommunication opened my eyes to realize, I need to do a better job of communicating and where my communication flaws were and better improve that for the future.

Sometimes we’re too close to the systems that we build. In our minds, it makes absolutely perfect sense. It’s simple, you just go here, here and here and this is what you get. Oftentimes, it’s easy to forget that just because you see it all the time, it doesn’t mean that your clients are going to Communication is important. I absolutely love it.

We like to have transparency. That’s what the Clear Business Directory is all about. The thing is, it’s all about who you are, what you’ve done, how you own up and the lessons that you’ve learned. Is there anything in your business background that you wish that you could do over again?

ITC 63 | Infusing Love

Infusing Love: Be a lot more financially cautious, especially to new businesses.

Yes, definitely. Before I officially launched my coaching business, my brother, friend and I launched a real estate investment company. We were so gung-ho about it, we haven’t even started a deal. What I did, because I had the better credit history, I had pulled out a personal loan for the business, invested in the company. As we were going through, we were using the money for advertising, for this, for that and it was very well used. After we closed our first deal, we realized we really don’t like the business. We really don’t want to continue it. We closed the business down. There was that personal loan in my name that wasn’t fully repaid because the deal we had closed wasn’t sufficient to cover it. We have an agreement with each other of how to pay it off, and how to pay me back. But it is just that, be a lot more financially cautious, especially to new businesses. Having not done our homework of knowing, is this really something we want to be in? We had that new startup fervor and everything and logical thinking went off the window, even though we thought we we’re thinking logically.

There are so many people in the entrepreneurial world, in the business world that do that. They’ll take the leap and then, “I should have thought that out a little bit more.” It sounds like you landed on your feet fairly well, so that’s good. Knowing you and speaking with you and working with you, you’re in your passion, you’re in yourself with what you’re doing now, so that’s fantastic. What is one thing that you want our listeners and your potential clients to really know about you and your business?

I think love is an integral part of business. When my clients work with me, the one thing that I will challenge them to do through everything is start infusing love into your leadership. I’ve noticed in my leadership positions in non-profit organizations, in the faith community, in the educational community and then also in corporate America. As soon we start infusing love and that human emotion within our interaction with people, there’s a drastic difference in a way people react to you, the way people connect with you. To be prepared for that, they’re going to be challenged to love.

That is such a good place to come from when you’re doing business. A lot of people come from the “how I make money.” That is just a fear base. When you come from abundance, when you come from, “We’re just here to change people’s lives and make the world a better place.” I know that sounds really cliché, but it’s really what it boils down to. It’s just that, and you focus on that. Like you said, leadership changes, your business changes, your experience with your business changes. The money piece always works itself out. It always does. I absolutely love that. That’s where you come from and the value that you provide for your clients. Outside of looking at the Clear Business Directory, your profile, a little more about you, is there a place that you like to send our listeners to that they’ll learn more specifically about your business?

Of course, they could go to There they’ll have access to all the blogs I write, timely information, things like that, the courses I have, also access to social media. I do a lot live streaming on my Facebook.

Silvica, thank you so much for being on the show today. Again, before you get involved with anybody, make sure that the businesses that you are getting involved with are in the Clear Business Directory. Until next time, take care.


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