Thank you for agreeing to participate with the In the Clear podcast. The interview will take approximately 30 minutes. You’ll have an opportunity to chat with host, Justin Recla, before he starts the interview.

Interviews utilize Zoom audio and can be done using a computer or phone. Look for the appointment confirmation email for details.

Please allow ample time for the software/app to load.

Our focus for the podcast is to promote conversations of transparency and trust in business. We took lessons learned from the counterintelligence arena and applied them as risk mitigation processes for business. By operating in transparency, a business has the opportunity to stand out from competition and provide potential clients and customers with peace of mind in the hiring/buying/outsourcing process.

Here is a list of general business example questions:

  1. What is your industry of expertise?
  2. In what ways can transparency impact the success of businesses in your industry?
  3. A huge trend over the last few years has been clients and customers becoming increasingly more suspicious of potential frauds/scams, ineptitude, and smarmy marketing techniques, how do you combat that suspicion with your business?
  4. Are there specific things you do within your corporate culture or business practices to invoke trust with your clients or customers?
  5. Have you noticed an increase in frauds/scams or questionable business practices in your industry since the popularization of social media?
  6. What advice do you have for businesses in your industry that want to stand out from their competition and raise the bar in how they do business?

CryptoBit Verified logoWe also interview individuals and business owners in the cryptocurrency arena. Vetting Solutions, LLC operates CryptoBit Verified, cryptocurrency due diligence consulting and services. Interviews on cryptocurrency specifically will follow a discussion format about current trends, breaking news and important information, all centered around transparency and trust.

If you have any questions, please contact us at