What is Due Diligence?

Listen in as Clear Directory Founder Justin Recla tackles the very popular and misunderstood business question: What is Due Diligence? Welcome to the In the Clear podcast, I'm your host, Justin Recla and today I'm gonna tackle a question that we get quite often, and that is, "What is due diligence?" Now for most people to understand, due diligence in the business world means that your lawyers looked over the contract, your CPAs looked over the financials. But really, at the core of due diligence, it really applies across the board in everything that you do And it really just means to fully examine something, to make sure you really understand what's going on, regardless of the situation. Now in the business world, it used to be the just the contracts and the financials. But unfortunately, because of the advent of the Internet, anybody and everybody [...]