Investor Due Diligence and the Truth Behind Disruptive Technology – Replay

Scott Lopez of the Disruptive Investor Radio joins Justin Recla to discuss the misconceptions about disruptive technology. Scott is the Managing Director of Primary Capital and talks transparently about investing, capital raising, and technology trends. Welcome to the In The CLEAR podcast. I am your host, Justin Recla, and today we have a guest on the show that is doing some great things in the world. We met recently in San Diego at an event on podcasting and radio shows. I'm super excited to introduce you to our guest today, because we're going to talking about industry due diligence and the truth behind disruptive technologies. Without further ado, please help me welcome, Scott Lopez, he's the managing director at Primary Capital and host of the Disruptive Investor Radio show. Scott, welcome to the show. Justin, super thrilled to be here, and hello everybody out there listening [...]