Transparency and Accountability in Direct Sales with Jennie Bellinger

Jennie Bellinger of Level Up Coaching joins Justin Recla to discuss the importance of transparency and accountability in direct sales. Jennie assists people who operate multi-level marketing or direct sales businesses. Listen is as she shares how to be successful with that business model. Welcome to the In The Clear Podcast. I'm your host, Justin Recla and today, we are speaking with Jennie Bellinger, the up level coach, about transparency and accountability in direct sales. Jennie is ... she doesn't describe herself as a business coach because she's so much more than that. She works with all sorts of calibers of people in direct sales, in business. We just got done having a really quick chat before the show and things just really, really clicked and so I'm super, super excited for this conversation with Jennie today so, without further ado, please, please help me welcome Jennie. [...]