Conscious Business and Transparency

Sarah Anne Dordel, leader of the Conscious Business Network, joins Justin Recla to discuss the importance of conscious business and how to leverage transparency. Sarah Anne specializes in helping others awaken their businesses. Her clients are emerging leaders, and she teaches them how to launch, lead, and build their own large-scale network in order to position themselves as powerful influencers through trust, visibility, and savvy event-marketing. Listen in as she shares advice for developing a conscious business. Welcome to the In The CLEAR podcast, I'm your host, Justin Recla, and today, we are going to take our conversation a little bit further. We're going to go to the edge of consciousness. We're going to go to the edge of exploring things that you may have been feeling in business, you've been paying attention to, you've been noticing these things, and I'm super excited for this conversation because I have no idea [...]