Welcome To The Clear Business Directory™

The Clear Business DirectoryTM is the only business directory that fully vets businesses for frauds and scams. Unlike other directory’s, we don’t  provide a rating or peer reviews. Rather, our members operate in transparency about their business history, experience and are provided the opportunity to respond to things like “negative reviews” from a place of integrity.  Best of all, the experts at The Clear Business DirectoryTM verify the information first.

Our team also offers due diligence solutions with philosophies and methodologies based on the same standards of government counterintelligence.  Whether your look to establish a business partnership, bringing in investors or are just looking to hire a service provider or consultant, we will make sure you and your business are in The Clear Business DirectoryTM.

Why use The Clear Business Directory™?

Peace of Mind 100%
Fraud and Scam Screening 100%
Instant Credibility 100%
Brand Integrity and Transparency 100%