Being Transparent: The New Way of Business

Being transparent is the new way of doing business. It's the end of an election year and people all over are looking for change. Business is not exempt from change. Listen in as we discuss how operating your in transparency can up-level your business.  Welcome to the In the Clear Podcast. I'm your host Justin Recla, along with my beautiful wife, Tonya Dawn Recla. Hi everyone. Well I’ve got to laugh, she was making a funny face at me. As I called her beautiful, and she went cross-eyed. She is so… And he still loves me… Moving on to the show now. You see that guy can actually plays onto the show. That’s true! I didn’t even think about that.  This week we're talking about Being Transparent, the new way of doing business. We see this a lot. we just got through an election year, and [...]

Employee Engagement – The Key Ingredient to Increased Profits

Employee engagement is the key to increased profit. Are you losing time and money because your employees are not actively engaged in your business? Rachel Lutowsky of Dynamic Leadership Solutions shares some insights on how important employee engagement is for your business.  Show Notes

Child Care Providers – Labor & Lullabies

Child care providers operating in transparency is important. Bringing home a newborn can be one of the most exciting experiences. Having someone to assist with your transition into parenthood makes the experience even more amazing. Knowing the company you hired is in The Clear Business Directory brings peace of mind. Listen in as we talk with the founder of Labor & Lullabies, Lisa Louden.

In The Clear with Tax Saving Professionals

Tax saving is essential when paying taxes is part of business. Having the right tax strategy for your business can save you time and money. Listen in as Drew Miles of Tax Savings Professionals shares his experience with assisting business owners. Be sure to check out Drew's profile in the Clear Business Directory.

Valor and Business with Bruce Marshall

What does valor have to do with business? If you're Bruce Marshall -- everything. Bruce shares his amazing story with us and the importance of having the right team. Bruce is a recipient of the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star and when it comes to your financial future, he's got your back!    

Understanding Marketing with the Founder of Savavo

Marketing, Marketing,'s what makes a business grow. Listen in as G. Leavitt, the founder of discusses the importance of having a smart marketing strategy for your business and how Savavo helps business create and build their own custom marketing department.

The Secrets behind Raising Capital with Steve Crimi

Raising capital is a critical business skill. Capital is the life blood of business. It's also the one thing that stops new CEO's dead in their tracks, especially if they have never attempted to raise capital before. Fortunately, Steve Crimi of Gold Sol, Inc. successfully completed a multi-million dollar raise and shares his secrets. Listen in as Steve shares his insights on the actual cost of raising capital and what it really takes to do such in today's business world.

Cracking the Amazon Code with Transparency

Do you have a product that you are wanting to sell on Amazon? Have you tried selling on Amazon with no luck? If you're like most business owners with a product to sell, then you realize that Amazon has it's own language. Fortunately, Brenda Crimi of AMZ Alliance cracked the code. Listen as she shares in full transparency what it takes to sell on Amazon.

Listen in as we discuss Star Wars and Business Transparency with Ruke of

What do Star Wars and website design have in common? Listen in as we talk to the Dark Overlord of Business himself, Ruke of Blink Media. Ruke has been a creative artist since third grade and operates his business with galactic proportions of  integrity. Listen in as we discuss #TheGreatestStarWarsCollection ever and the questions you should ask everyone in the web design industry.

Danna Olivo

Starting a business can be overwhelming at times. Because most new entrepreneurs are so close to the vision they have trouble doing everything on their own. This is where Danna Olivo comes in. Danna is the founder of and she and her team assist start up companies and put them on a path to success. Listen in as we discuss what it means to be transparent as a startup company.  

I have a small business hiring employees, how do I vet them?

I have a small business hiring employees, how do I vet them? We get this question all the time. The problem is that the employment laws are designed to protect the potential employee, not the business. Listen in as we discuss the steps you can take to protect your business and how to properly vet a potential employee.  

Finally! Trust and Credibility in the Web Design World

Looking for a website? Be careful....The website design world is full of frauds, scams and businesses that just can't deliver. That is ...until now.  Meet Sam Natello of DotCom Global Media, the very first web design company to be featured in  The CLEAR Business Directory.  Listen in as Sam discusses the dark side of his industry and what sets DotCom Global Media apart from the everyone else in the Web Design field.  

Success Steps for Hiring Businesses

Listen in as we discuss the success steps for hiring business. Before you get involved with anyone, if it's going to cost you time or money, make sure your business is In The CLEAR.  

Why are small businesses hiring other businesses

This week we explore the reason why small businesses are hiring other businesses. For small business owners, hiring an employee can be a huge burden and risk. But is hiring another business to assist your business even more riskier? Listen to find out.  

How to do a Company Information Search

Small business owners and entrepreneurs alike always ask how they can do a company information search. This goes way beyond yelp and the yellow pages. If you truly want to mitigate your risk you have to go further. Listen in as we give you the tools you can use to mitigate your risk.  

Fraud In The News – Eric Bartoli Found Guilty in Fraud Case

Fraud in the news: One of the masterminds behind a $34 million dollar investment scheme that took place in the late 1990's was found Guilty. After fleeing the country and being extradited, Eric Bartoli one of the main conspirators in the large scale ponzi scheme that rocked large populations in Florida was finally brought to justice and found guilty. Listen in as we discuss the case and how you can avoid being a victim of such scams.  Read more here 

How to avoid being a victim of a scam

Have you being the victim of a scam? Do you know someone who has been ripped off or lost money in a scam? Listen in as we discuss how you can avoid being a victim of a scam.

What are some of the most dangerous financial scams?

What are some of the most dangerous financial scams? Why are business owners targets of such scams? Are you raising capital or need to infuse your business with cash? Then listen in as we discuss the methods you can use to protect yourself from getting ripped off  

Guns, Guns, Guns…what is a criminal background check and is it the answer for gun control?

Guns, Guns, Guns...What is a criminal background check and is it the answer for gun control? What do gun control and background checks have in common with business? Listen in as we discuss this hot topic and answer the question on whether or not a criminal background check is the answer for gun control and how it ties into business.    

The nitty gritty with the founder of Itty Bitty Books, Suzy Prudden.

Look Who’s in The CLEAR! Listen in as we discuss the nitty gritty with the founder of Itty Bitty Books, Suzy Prudden. Suzy Prudden has an amazing story of Rags to Riches, Riches to Rags and back again. Listen in as Suzy discusses her journey from the Oprah Winfrey Show and how she is helping others share their own stories through Itty Bitty Books.

In The CLEAR: Michael White Ryan of The Language of Space

Look Who’s in The CLEAR! Listen in as we discuss transparency with Michael White Ryan of The Language of Space Having an energetic work environment is essential for building a successful business and attracting the right clients. It takes more than just hanging a few trinkets on the wall. Hiring the right experts to create the space for you will accelerate your business and personal growth.  

What do Companies Check in a Background Check

Background checks are not all they are not what you think. Listen in as we explore the areas background check companies cover and how they are not applicable to business transactions.  

US Fraud affects more businesses every year

In 2014, Small Businesses lost $3Billion dollars to Fraud. If you have less than 100 employees you are 28% more likely to fall victim to fraud. Make sure you're in The CLEAR and listen in as we discuss how to protect yourself from fraud.

Tips to Avoid Scams

Listen in as we discuss Tips to Avoid Scams. Before you lose time of money, make sure your business is In The CLEAR!

In the CLEAR with Rebecca Victor

Rebecca Victor is a transformational life coach, motivational speaker and facilitator who talks on a variety of subjects designed to inspire and ignite audiences to live greater, bolder and more fulfilling lives. Listen in to learn what it means to be authentic in business and in life!  

In The CLEAR with Dale Richards

He has started over 35 tech companies and travels up to 35 weeks of the year educating and training business owners, CEO's and startups on how to build a business. He is a business valuation expert and can help you grow your business. Listen in as we talk with Dale Richards of Excel Management Systems.

In The CLEAR with Aaron Young

  Business success stems from experience. Experience shows that transparency always builds trust. Listen in as we talk to Aaron Young, the CEO of Laughlin USA and discuss transparency and trust in business today.

In the CLEAR with the Awakened CEO, Paul Hoyt.

  The business world has changed. Having the right strategist on your team who understands how business growth and personal growth are connected is essential to your success. Listen in as we have an “Enlightened” conversation with Paul Hoyt.    

In The CLEAR with Dollars and Sense Bookkeeping

  For small businesses, doing the books every month can be time consuming. Listen in as we speak with Elmer Howard of Dollars and Sense Bookkeeping on how outsourcing your books actually saves you time and money.      

In The CLEAR with Jason Webb

    Having the right attorney to protect your Intellectual Property is one of the most important steps you can take for your business. Listen in as Jason Webb provides some useful insights to making sure your Intellectual property is protected.    

How to perform due diligence before hiring businesses

With an over abundance of self-proclaimed experts on the internet performing your due diligence before hire a business is even more crucial to your business success. Listen in as we discuss how to perform due diligence before hiring a business.

In The CLEAR with Social Media Expert – Ken Rochon

  Listen in as Ken Rochon sheds some light on the Social Media Industry and what it means to deliver results. Ken is the co-founder of the Umbrella Syndicate and an expert at creating viral campaigns on social media. Check out Ken’s profile in The CLEAR Business Directory.