There is so much more you can do when looking into a business, especially since a criminal search is not applicable to every business. The answer gets into the mechanics of how you do due diligence and what due diligence looks like looks like. Here are some other things you can do when looking into a business

  1. Look at the business history.

Often times people won’t stop and take a look at the business history and how long a business has been doing something. Now, take into consideration, that sometimes you will come into contact with a business that is in start-up mode. They may have only been in business for six months. That’s fine.

When we first got started, we had no business experience, but we had transferable skill sets and experience that translated over into what we were doing. You can take a look at somebody’s employment history prior to their business experience to assess what they’ve done and to determine if they can actually do what they say they can do. That is often times more important than a criminal history check.

  1. What is the business aptitude?

 We’re going back to the web designers on this one. If someone says they have built websites, and you go to their own website and it looks like a three-year-old built it, you may want to take into consideration whether or not they can build the website you need.  Now granted, there are some talented three-year-olds out there…However, you want to take a look at whether or not they can do what they say they can do.

If a person is in marketing and they don’t even have a website, that’s usually an indicator of aptitude, especially on the business side of the house. You should really be asking yourself if this is someone you really want to get involved with. Be honest with yourself, “Yes, I need this type of service, but they don’t appear to have the aptitude that I’m looking for.” It will serve you well before you get involved with the wrong business.

  1. Frauds & Scams?

You can look into the court systems or you can Google them with “rip-off” or “fraud” or “scam.” Put the person’s business name along with “fraud” and “scam” when you’re doing a search, and see what comes up. is one of our favorite places to go. That right there is going to be a first telling sign when you are looking into somebody.

  1. Check with References.

If you still need more information, pick up the phone and call some of their clients. Ask people, “What was your experience with this company or person?” Take a look at the person and the business as a whole to determine whether or not they have the ability to do what it is they say they can do.

Keep in mind too that one bad thing may not be a deal breaker. Ever story has two sides. Let’s say you see something on or a bad site review comes up. Remember, this this is the whole person concept. The review may not be accurate. This gives you an opportunity to go back to that person/business and ask them about it. When your speaking with them, test for congruency, and make sure you’re confident and comfortable with their answers and verify anything they tell you before you make a decision.

In essence, all this comes down to making sure you have enough information to make an educated, informed decision for your business. If you still have questions you don’t have answers to or you don’t like the answer you find, that’s an indicator and you should act accordingly.