ITC – As Seen on TV

Carrie Jeske, a product launch expert and helping inventors for more than 15 years, joins Justin Recla to tell us more about As Seen on TV. She is a team builder, motivator, leader, and salesperson. She thrives in long-term business and personal relationships built on mutual benefit. Currently, Carrie Jeske serves as a direct licensee for the “As Seen On TV” category and works to educate inventor-entrepreneurs on low-cost, high-return product launch strategies. As president of Inventive Ideas, she connects finished product designs with trusted manufacture distributors through her team of licensing agents and helps people create new product concepts inside Inventing Workshops. Listen in as she shares her knowledge regarding As Seen on TV. Welcome to the In The Clear podcast. I am your host, Justin Recla, and today we are talking to Carrie Jeske of Will It Launch. She is a product launch expert, [...]