• $497 Initial Vetting

    Vetting includes:

     Initial Vetting

     PDF Copy of Report for Easy Sharing

     1-year FREE membership to the directory (must opt-in)

    Podcast Interview

     Social Media Campaigns

     Use of Logo for Marketing Material

  • This vetting includes the everything in the Transparent vetting and up to 3 client interviews. Each interview is crafted to identify your specific risk factors. We provide a summary of the interview with the report and include it as part of the final risk assessment.
  • Private Vetting
  • Custom Vetting with Report
  • This vetting provides initial checks on a business or individual for criminal, financial, red flag indicators of fraud, scams, longevity of business, UCC Filings and reputation issues. If you have multiples (Business A, Business B, Principal A, etc), then just add the appropriate number to cart. Price is per entity, individual checked.
  • This is a custom vetting. Location services and vetting to locate Wife as it relates to potential Immigration Fraud. Includes report with findings. Email clear@clearbusinessdirectory.com with details of information to be searched.
  • Custom Vetting with report. Initial Criminal, Legal, Reputation, Fraud and Scam Screening
  • With this vetting we contact the business you want to vet on your behalf and request they fill out some basic information. Each individual vetting includes a verification of information provided by the business, a background check on up to 2 (two) primary principal, and screens the business and principals for frauds and scams. This includes a risk assessment based on the information that was provided, verified, and discovered during the vetting process. Please be aware that this vetting does not vet the actual opportunity but rather the business itself.  
  • Screens for Fraud and Scams, potential Criminal issues, Legal issues, Financial Issues, Reputation Issues and a complete Risk Assessment.
  • Screens for Fraud and Scams and potential Criminal issues.
  • Basic Search per needs.
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